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Daily Exercise Routine

Exercise is essential for your health, starting a daily exercise routine can be made fun. If It becomes a chore you will lose Interest quickly, and forget about your bodies needs.


People who work In offices, stay at home mum/dads, retirees and anyone who does not have an active lifestyle, need a daily fitness program and exercise routine. The body needs to burn off excess fats and keep muscles trim and taught. This leads to a healthy, active and productive lifestyle.

Depending on age and your health exercising correctly, will get you on your way to a fitness level that suits you and your body, and can be a lot of fun. Any combination of the routines In the next pages (listed below) will give your body the exercise It needs.

Walking or Jogging In pleasant surroundings will help you enjoy your daily exercise. Maybe you live near the beach or have a nice river or park nearby where you can perform all of your routine, and feel relaxed. Keeping Your mind and body fit, will make you happy to go out and take on your exercise routine, as part of your busy day.

You can vary your exercise routine, to give all parts of your body the attention they deserve. Don’t forget to do some stretching exercise before you Jog or walk to loosen and warm up muscles, and after, to relax your muscles. Doing some stretching exercise, jogging down to the local pool, swim a few laps and then Jog back home or the office. The variations are only limited to your Imagination and time schedule. Whatever you decide, make It enjoyable, not a chore.

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Dieting Facts

Obesity is an exess of body fat, overweight is an excess of body weight, including all components of body composition (muscle, bone, water and fat). In clinical practice, the two are used Interchangeably to refer to excess body fat.

When trying to lose weight your metabolism will slow down to try and preserve the body fats. Your body doesn’t understand what weight loss Is, It needs food just like a car needs fuel. So when you stop eating as much food your body thinks It Is starving.

The body fats are preserved for periods of not eating, so when you don’t eat as much the body then goes on a “slow burn” to preserve the fuel (fat) It has stored. This frustrates people as they are eating very little and still not shedding weight.

And even worse this period of “slow burn” can continue for weeks after you stop your program, the weight then pours back on, as a result. This can cause you gaining more weight, than before you started weight loss.

I was over weight and when I decided to finally get rid of the excess, I also struggled. I checked out all the dieting facts I could find and my answer was a strict low calorie diet eating mainly grains, vegies and fruits. No alcohol and very little animal products. I also walked at least 2km a day.

This added with a nutritional supplement, finally got me to within my natural weight category again. I still watch my calories but feel and look 100% these days. It wasn’t easy and I broke out a few times, sneaking cakes and chocolate.

I firmly believe If you really have your mind set to lose weight you will, getting all the dieting facts and Information you can then make the decision to do It and stick to It.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Diagnosing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The cause of Irritable bowel syndrome Is not fully known. And because of this, there are no specific laboratory tests that would be able to detect whether a person Is positive. Its diagnosis consists of different methods, which Include observing the signs and symptoms and then categorizing them accordingly.

Since the signs and symptoms are very general, guidelines In the diagnosis of this syndrome have been set. Basically the purpose of these guidelines Is to ensure that every other related disease has been ruled out through different tests and examinations.

There have also been cases of misdiagnosis because the etiology of Irritable bowel syndrome Is not that well defined. Most of the common misdiagnoses are lactose Intolerance, celiac disease, and other Infectious diseases.

Etiology Of IBS

The etiology of Irritable bowel syndrome has had Its fair share of discussions In the medical world. Until today, Its etiology Is still not that well established.

In the 1950s, there was a medical journal that tackled Irritable bowel. In this study, a patient Is categorized as having Irritable bowel If he or she Is experiencing diarrhea, constipation, or abdominal pain. Unfortunately, doctors and other researches found no Infective agent that may cause these symptoms. Because of this fact, most of them theorized that having an Irritable bowel means having a mental disorder.

At that time, IBS was considered a psychosomatic Illness. In the early 1980s, another publication stated that It would be beneficial for patients with Irritable bowel syndrome to undergo psychotherapy.

Another angle In which the medical world sees the etiology of IBS Is through the body’s Immune system. In the 1990s, research publications came out with Information stating that there are Indeed biochemical changes In the body of a person with Irritable bowel syndrome. This has been evident through tests like serum samples and biopsies of tissues. This new Information led to another belief that IBS has an organic cause as opposed to the old theory that Its cause Is psychosomatic.

In the course of this study, different changes In the body were noted through a battery of tests of the Immune system. The results of these tests were quite significant for them to believe that the Immune system Indeed plays a role In the development of Irritable bowel syndrome.

Also, there Is discussion that Irritable bowel syndrome can be caused by an Infective agent. Recent studies show that symptoms can be relieved by the antibiotic, Rifaximin. Continue reading →